Library Access

A 2010 OCLC survey[1] showed that less than 1% of students start their search at the library website, preferring internet search engines instead. Edugate helps connect the other 99% of students and staff with resources where the library has already paid for access, for example;

  • For researchers who follow a link/DOI in a journal article to protected content protected by a publisher.
  • For publishers that offer personalised service such saved searchesalerts,  favourite articles  or reference tools (e.g. RefWorks/EndNote Web)
  • For digital content such as e-Books, audio, video, and other content that is best delivered direct to the users browser rather than through a library proxy.

Enabling Shibboleth on your library's e-resources will significantly improve access rates without any changes to your librarys existing IP or Proxy access method.

How Libraries can use Edugate

Option 1: Publisher Access

Publishers will be more familiar with the generic term 'Shibboleth' access rather than 'Edugate' access, so searching the publishers documentation for information of Shibboleth should result in relevant materials being presented. Most publishers, on joining Edugate, will enable Shibboleth access for their customers where the customer is a member of Edugate. However, some publishers will enable Shibboleth access only after a request from the customer, either by contacting the publishers support desk, or by completing a 'Shibboleth setup' form. The publisher will need for three items of information that will uniquely identify your institution, your users, and their affiliation to your institution.

  • The Shibboleth identifier for your institution is known as an 'entityID', it's form is a URL, the entityID of your institution can be obtained here r
  • The affiliation identifier used by Edugate is named 'eduPersonScopedAffiliaiton', every institution participating in Edugate will assert either student or staff, and will scope this value with the institutions primary domain name (e.g., etc.). Student specific domains such as '' and ''  are replaced with the primarly organisation domain for affiliation scoping purposes and thus would be asserted as '' and ' respectivly. 
  • Some publishers will use a unique identifier for users, while Edugate supports several identifiers, publishers generally require or accept 'eduPersonTargetedID'.  All Edugate participating institutions can produce this attribute.
  • Lastly, some publishers will ask for entitlements, while Edugate supports the 'eduPersonEntitlement' attribute, it is used for fine grained authorization (i.e. groups of users smaller than that covered by 'staff' and 'student'). Therefore, the entitlement field should be left blank where it is requested in an online form, or in the case of an email request from the publisher, you should simply state that your institution does not use entitlements. However, if you encounter a publisher who requires on an entitlement, the value used within Edugate is urn:mace:dir:entitlement:common-lib-terms

Optionally, catalogue links to e-resources or the A-Z links can be edited so that Shibboleth is invoked regardless of whether the user is on or off campus. This is beneficial where the content might be of a type or size where delivery to the users browser is not suited to a proxy service like Ezproxy or WAM (e.g. large PDF's containing images/graphs, or video, audio or other non-text content). The links that invoke Shibboleth access are known as WAYFless URL's, the URL often contains your institutions entityID. The URL can be requested from the publishers support desk, known WAYFless url's are provided below. An useful online tool for constructing WAYFless URL's is provided by the UK Federation and is available to Irish Institutions at

Provider Shibboleth setup form WAYFless URL (using example entityID of Notes
EBSCO link (admin username and password req'd)

Thomson-Reuters Web of Knowledge (incl EndNote web)



link (your institutions account ID can be obtained from Proquest support)
RefWorks link    
Chadwyck Healy link
IEEExplore link
Emerald link contact with your entityID (see above)  
ACLS Humanities eBook link
ACM Digital Library link
eBrary link
Ovid link contact Ovid Support  
Royal Society of Chemistry link
MyILibrary contact your Ingram customer services rep.  
Dawson Books automatic
Highwire Press automatic

 Preferences can be applied at username and password req'd)

Oxford University Press for journal access for Oxford Reference texts



Elsevier (incl. Scopus, ScienceDirecr & ClinicalKey)

Elsevier setup their resources without a need to request.


(admin username/password req'd)

 Contact SAGE customer support for confirmation

Wiley Online Library send this form to your Wiley account manager   instructions here eduGAIN
Safari Books Online Safari Books are available via Shibboleth to Proquest subscribers (see above)  
EBL eBooks send your Institution Name and federation name (Edugate) to  
Nature & Palgrave-Connect (McMillan Publishers) No WAYFless URLs (due 2015), send your Institutions entityID and federation name (Edugate) to  
Springer (4th item on the FAQ)  
Project MUSE  Form
Project EUCLID
IOP Publishing
Bloomsbury Publishing
Engineering Village
Alexander Street Press Contact
Beureau Van Djyck FAME and serveral other databases available via federated acess

Requires Shibboleth Identity Provider Version 2.4+


Requires Shibboleth Identity Provider Version 2.4+

IET Digital Library coming soon coming soon eduGAIN
Cambridge University Press (Journals & eBooks)

American Institute of Physics "Scitation"
Logon to Scitation with your Scitation librarian account and click ‘Manage Shibboleth Identity’ from here, you can select your institution from the drop down list. Alternativly, contact



IngentaConnect Send your entityID to



Taylor and Francis
Digital Repository of Ireland Open Resource. Requires eduPersonPrincipalName attribute to be released by your insitution.
American Chemical Society

Go to, then go to the 'Access Rights' tab. Under 'Shibboleth Configuration' enter your entityID (e.g. in the “Identity Provider URL” field. Enter "common-lib-terms" in the Organization Unit field. There is no WAYFless URL.

British Medical Journals

Setup form here (admin username/password req'd)

Contact BMJ Support eduGAIN Request setup from
Requires Shibboleth 2.4+
New England Journal of Medicine contact

contact with your WAYFless URL ->

Further info...
Encyclopedia Brittanica Complete the EB support form  

*Accessible for Irish institutions who have opted for eduGAIN only

Large publishers have joined Edugate and more will continue to be added, many smaller publishers will provide access to Edugate participating institutions who have opted for eduGAIN

Usage Statistics

Institutions with a HEAnet managed Shibboleth Identity Provider can access audit data and usage statiscis at (contact for access). This service will show the number of times Identity Provider was used to access a resource over a period, whether user attributes were released and unique users.

More fine-grained statistics can be obtained by using the free Raptor software, this software can provide a breakdown by department and user role.

Option 2: Library Systems



III Millennium (incl. WAM) Millennium supports Shibboleth authentication with the addition of the 'SSO' module, details can be obtained from III.
Athens The Athens service can authenticate users against the institutions Edugate login service. Metadata from your institutions Athens instance should be supplied to so that it is included in the metadata supplied by the institutions Edugate login service. 
Capita Prisim Capita Prisim supports a Shibboleth login, this might be preferable to login with 'borrower number/pin' where students might not be aware that they have a borrower number.
SerialSolutions/Summon Shibboleth login is supported by most of Proquests software products, including Summon.
ePrints / Fedora Repository / DSpace Repository These repositories support Shibboleth login through third party open source software extensions.
Ezproxy Ezproxy can authenticate users with Shibboleth instead of the conventioanal direct LDAP access to the campus staff or student directory, this offers the benefit of Single-Sign-On to the user which will significantly reduce the number of times users have to enter a username and password. OCLC have provided documentation on how to setup Shibboleth in their support documentation. Metadata from your institutions Ezproxy instance should be supplied to so that it is included in the metadata supplied by the institutions Edugate login service. Shibboleth is particularly suited to the OCLC hosted edition of Ezproxy as user credentials are not handled by OCLC and remain on-campus.
ExLibris Both Primo and Alma support Shibboleth login