eduGAIN Participation

HEAnet have joined the eduGAIN confederation and can now facilitate Irish institutions accessing thousands of services from other federations worldwide. Millions of higher education users can also be facilitated when accessing Edugate participating services. The agreement between HEAnet and eduGAIN is available to view online, you should note from this agreement that the participants of other federations are subject to that federations rules, for example, in Sweden, any service is allowed to join the federation and in Austria, end user identities are not  guaranteed to be vetted.
eduGAIN is expanding rapidly, the current status can be viewed on the eduGAIN website, a short video will explain the concept of eduGAIN.
Edugate participants who wish to opt-in to eduGAIN participation can do so by logging into the Edugate Resource Registry or by sending a request by email to noc @

Services within eduGAIN
There are many services available via eduGAIN, the following may be of interest to Irish users;

More services will be added when identified as being relevant to Irish users.

The list of Irish institutions participating in eduGAIN is available to review here